Saturday, November 07, 2009

Introduction to Lay Opinions

Thanks to the internet, everyone can join in the discussion of any topic imaginable. Conservatives in Texas can exchange opinions with Liberals from New Jersey and Moderates from Ohio. Unfortunately most of it is lost in the noise. What's worse is that most discussions degenerate into personal insults, off-topic rants and other garbage that stifles any chance for real debate.

Through this blog, I will attempt to create a forum where honest, articulate opinions are collected so that everyone can walk away more informed. I plan to strictly moderate comments and maintain a respectful tone. I look forward to the debate.

Disclaimer: I am an unappologetic conservative. I belive in traditional values, limited government and fiscal restraint. I am a registered Republican - so I can vote for conservative candidates in primaries - but I hate partisanship and hold both sides to an equally high standard. My own opinions will be written from that perspective, but my comment moderation will be non-partisan. If anything, I will probably be a little looser with opposing viewpoints.

Let's have at it!

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